Facials are my speciality, each treatment is tailored to your skin goals, and even the most hi-tech facial is always a beautiful time out, I believe relaxation + results = Bliss

Dermalogica £43
60 mins

A bespoke facial using professional Dermalogica products from AgeSmart, UltraCalming, Acne Clearing and Power Bright.  This is serious skincare in a blissful environment, includes a home care plan, as healthy glowing skin is team work.

Dermalogica + Dermalux LED £50
65 mins

Adding the Dermalux Flex MD LED to treatments will boost results using clinically proven power of light. We can chose Blue, Red, Near Infrared or all 3.
Beneficial for signs of ageing, acne, redness, rosacea, chronic dehydration, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and a dull complexion. While you experience LED you can enjoy a foot massage, hand and arm massage, listen to a guided meditation, or just chill out with the music.

Dermalogica + BioTherapeutics MicroCurrent £60
Non Surgical FaceLift
70 mins

Adding Microcurrent to your Dermalogica facial might just be my favourite treatment, it lifts sagging muscles, relaxes tight frown lines and pushes active serums deeper for better results for your skin concerns.

 Microcurrent amazingly boosts cells energy, this energy declines as we age and rebuilding it with microcurrent brings that Bliss glow along with firm, radiant, plumped up skin.
I recommend this facial from 30 years+

Dermalogica Expert £70
80 mins

Bringing together Dermalogica products, Dermalux LED and BioTherapeutic Microcurrent is the ultimate skin treatment.  I have worked hard to be able to invest in these machines and my education!
  • Double Cleanse with UltraSonic 
  • Exfoliation or Peel
  • Blissful Massage
  • Expert level serums
  • Skin plumping mask 
  • MicroCurrent Facial Muscle work to lift sagging muscles and also relax frown lines
  • Dermalux LED to boost results on many skin concerns from ageing, acne, redness, rosacea, chronic dehydration, sun damage, pigmentation and a dull complexion
  • Finishing products inc SPF

It even has some added Bliss, chose your favourite…

  • Scalp Massage
  • Mini Reflexology
  • Hand and Arm Massage
  • Foot Scrub and Mask

Make this your monthly escape, enjoy your peaceful, relaxing time at Bliss and leave looking and feeling great, this facial is THE WORKS

Every step of this facial respects skin health, none of my work causes trauma to skin in the search for results.

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Spa Facial £45
60 mins

Enjoy the experience of aromatherapy that can soothe, uplift, invigorate or replenish your skin and your senses.
Includes warm soy candle wax massage and your choice of foot massage or hand massage


Lift Me Up – 5 facials for when skin is feeling aged, dull and you want your spark back £200
Non-Surgical Facelift – 10 facials focusing on re educating muscles for a more youthful appearance £300
Bye Bye Acne – 5 facials focusing on reducing inflammation and breakouts £155
Sensitive Relief – 5 facials helping to repair your skins barrier and reduce redness £155